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(01/16/2011) - Editorial: Healing Place provides
path back from addiction

The Healing Place Of Huntington
2425 9th Avenue
Huntington, WV 25705
(304) 523-HOPE
Board Members
Bob Hansen, President
Charles Shaw, Vice President
Kathy Pumphrey, Treasurer
Debby Hibbard, Secretary

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Our Mission is to offer hope and promote recovery to those who suffer
from the vicious cycle of addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Fundraising Ideas

dollar bills a lady is giving away

Below you will get inspiration for fundraising ideas for any group size. These can be used in conjunction with the tips and tools on the website. There are many ideas that can help you and your group have a successful fundraising campaign. Below are just a few of our tried, tested and true hints and ideas for groups of all sizes. We wish you all the best on your efforts.

Small Groups (less than 50 participants)

Avoid pre-sale fundraisers with smaller groups unless you know from past experience that your group is capable of making a profit. Direct sale programs like Scratchcards, lollipops and Jack Links are a better choice because minimum orders are low (for lollipops and Jack Links the minimum order is just 1 master case!), and they are much easier to organize.

Ideas for Small Groups

Run a direct sale fundraiser like the Scratchcard program, and pair it with the free Online Magazine Fundraiser. When asking sponsors to participate in your Scratchcard campaign, ask them for their email address too so you can send them an email invitation to your online campaign. At a guaranteed 40% profit, and absolutely no cost, the online magazine fundraiser is perfect for small groups to boost profits!

Medium Groups (50 – 100 participants)

There are many options for medium sized groups, but some of the best products are personalized chocolate and Scratchcards, and the online magazine Fundraiser. Online fundraising with a medium sized group is great because you have enough participants to really bring in the profits, but a small enough group that it’s easier to get everyone online and participating.

Ideas for Medium Groups

Personalized Scratchcards and World’s Finest Chocolate make a great team! Some people may want to support your group, but don't want to buy something, so Scratchcards are the perfect solution. For those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth, you’ll have delicious chocolate on hand too! And both programs have something extra for supporters. Customizable candy bar wrappers come printed with a Pizza Hut coupon, and everyone who participates in your Scratchcard fundraiser will get a coupon sheet worth over $100 in savings!

Large Groups (100+ participants)

Pre-sale fundraisers are perfect for large groups, especially if you have a good volunteer base to help out. Pre-sale cookie dough and frozen foods offer great profit potential, and are a big hit with supporters because of the convenience of pre-prepared frozen food.

Ideas for Large Groups

Organize annual pre-sale fundraisers like gourmet cookie dough to arrive in time for the holidays (speak with your Fundraising Consultant well in advance for the best time to start). Year after year, your supporters will look forward to the coming fundraiser to help them with their holiday baking! Throughout the year, you can also run a direct sale campaign like lollipops that can be a Friday special at school, or an after-church treat!

Online Referrals

Another way other than having in person meet ups is to share a link on your social media accounts or email friends that link that will donate on their behalf. What we mean by on their behalf is that a percentage of their online purchase will go back to a charitable cause. Say its Friday night and its pizza night. If someone used a pizza coupon from the link we shared on the homepage then they benefit from getting a discounted pizza plus donating money to a cause. This costs nothing more than buying the pizza someone was going to eat anyway.

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